Expirables Management & Licensing

Through cloud based credentialing software we allow the practice and physician the added assurance of seeing our work in action via easy to read reports and updates on renewal or application status.

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Medical Licensing in all 50 States: Any type of Medical Professional



Board Certification

CME Tracking

CLIA & Laboratory Licensing

ACN: Area of Critical Need

Malpractice Insurance

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Helping your Offices with Enrollment and Credentialing

Commercial Insurance provider enrollment & credentialing for major carriers in all 50 states

Independent Medical Evaluations & US Department of Labor Enrollment

Workers Compensation in all 50 States, CAQH Registration and Updating

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Benefits of Credaxis

Eliminate Hours of Applications & Follow ups
Increase Revenue Flow by Negotiating Contracts & Services
Save your practice thousands of dollars in staff time and administrative cost
Increased Network Participation & Membership totals
Eliminate Hours of Applications & Follow ups
Credentialing & Contracting One Stop Shop
Single Source Medical Professional Profile with up to date verified information
Avoid Expiration Hospital Privileges